Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Consider the benefits of a tankless water heater!

A tankless water heater is about the size of a carry-on suitecase and can provide more than 12 years of exceptional heating capability. Water is heated only “on demand” — which significantly increases energy efficiency and utility cost savings. Almost every major shortcoming of a conventional water heater is addressed by a tankless system. We are a Certified Nortiz Installer.

Being Warrensburg based, we bring professional water heater services from Sedalia to Kansas City. Our tank, tankless, and boiler services are 100% guaranteed and professional.


Did you know?

19 out of 20 water heater replacements are emergencies.  Unfortunately, not many people replace their water heaters before they go completely out (or worse, flood). We install a variety of energy saving water heaters that come with exceptional warranties. These warranties are designed to help protect you, your family, or even your business if we’re doing a commercial job.


Repair, Replacement & Install Services for Gas, Electric & Tankless Water Heaters

Residents from Kansas City to Sedalia know that for repair, replacement and installation of water heaters, C&C Mechanical is the best choice. With our exceptional customer track record since 1991, we can take care of your residential or commercial water heater needs – from electric to gas, traditional tank to tankless, repair or replacement – give us a call today!

Hot water running out? Have a big home and family that require a lot of hot water?

With a capacity of up to 200 gallons of hot water per hour, a tankless system could be the right choice for you!


Benefits of going Tankless

All tankless water heaters come fully backed with a one year maintenance guarantee. This includes a comprehensive first annual system check, as well as a complimentary priority service visit should any issue arise.

We always recommend and install top of the line products that include code required T & P valves piped to the floor. Many state codes require the installation of thermal expansion tanks on newly installed water heaters. This is something we also highly recommend. Extras, such as, water heater stands, pans, extra pipes, gas valves, circulation pumps, etc., are available.


Water Heating Rebates

 Plumbers and other professional contractors prefer natural gas to heat water.
  • Natural Gas is a cleaner, greener fuel with fewer emissions than electricity generated from coal.
  • Natural gas is affordable and more energy efficient than electricity.
  • Natural Gas is an abundant American fuel.
  • On-going energy savings – calculate your savings for switching to energy efficient water heaters.

Call C&C Mechanical now for an instant rebate, or download the Water & Central Heating Rebate Form here:  Water & Central Heating Rebate Form (pdf)


Water Heating Rebate Details


Water Heating


Product Type Rebate Eligibility Specifications Rebate
Tank (storage) EF 0.62 or less than .67 $50
Water Heating Tank (storage) EF 0.67 or less than .80 $125
Water Heating Tank (condensing) EF ≥ 0.80 $200
Water Heating Tankless (whole home) EF ≥ 0.82 $200


Combination Water Heat & Central Heat


Product Type Rebate Eligibility Specifications Rebate
Furnace & Water Heater Hydronic Unit Water Heating EF ≥ 0.80 $450

The energy factor (EF) and the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) are measures of an appliance’s energy efficiency. Those taking advantage of these rebates can ask for this information from C&C Mechanical when choosing their appliance.

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