Solar Powered Water Heaters

Solar Powered Water Heaters


A solar water heater consists of a solar collector, controller, a storage tank with one heating element, a pump, mechanical ball valve and many safeguards including freeze protection. The “open loop” solar water heater works by pumping potable drinking water from your storage tank to a collector fastened to your roof. The water is then heated as it flows through copper lines in the collector and down to the tank. If there is insufficient sunlight, a backup element will turn on to produce hot water.

Solar Water Heater Repair

Our staff of trained professionals can effectively diagnose any component of a solar water heater including collector, storage tank, element, thermostat, wiring, mechanical ball valves, pump, etc. We only install high quality parts so that you can continue to save money year after year.

Solar Powered Water Heaters in kansas city

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