Scale Prevention Technology

Scale Prevention Technology


Hardness in water is caused by Calcium and Magnesium, and “scaling” occurs when deposits of hard water residue build up. Scaling can block nozzles, coat pipes, and create the infamous grimy buildup you notice on various fixtures. Looking for a hard water solution for your home or business?

C&C is excited to offer our clients an innovative new solution that functions without the use of chemicals or electricity! There is zero maintenance required and the device can be easily fitted to new or existing water supply systems.

Fluid Dynamics, a world leader in green science for scale prevention, offers technology that works like a battery, generating a small current as water passes through. This current has the effect of neutralizing particles that might otherwise bond together to deposit scale.

These particles stay in the water, but instead of sticking to pipe work and hot water cylinders, they pass harmlessly through the system and down the drain.

Mike is proud to be certified as an authorized Fluid Dynamics installer and can explain how this advanced technology can drastically improve your water and the longevity of your fixtures and pipes.

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