Plumbing Tips

First and foremost…when in doubt, call a professional!


At C&C Mechanical, we’re always happy to discuss your plumbing needs, lend some peace of mind, and schedule a prompt, courteous visit. Let Mike tackle the plumbing perils; septic issues are…um, well, not for the faint of heart; and snakes in the water meter pit are never a happy surprise. Call day or night at (816) 255-8842.


Tip #1

Drain your water heater tank at least once a year to minimize corrosion. This will help save money by making your system more efficient. Better yet, ask C&C about the energy and cost savings advantages of transitioning to a tankless water heater.

Tip #2

Show your toilet a little TLC! It’s pretty simple really; just remember not to flush non dissolvable items that can cause blockages. Cosmetic items such as makeup wipes and cotton balls are among the worst offenders. It’s also a good idea, and very easy to occasionally test your toilet for leaks. Remove the tank lid and add enough red coloring to give the water a deep color. Wait 20-30 minutes, without using the toilet, and examine the bowl. If there’s any red water, you’ll know there’s a leak.


Tip #3

Prepare your pipes for frosty weather. Make sure you take preventative measures before the first cold spell. Insulate any pipes found below the house to keep them from freezing. It’s also important to keep drains and down spouts clear of debris so the water doesn’t pool and freeze.


Tip #4

Pay attention to subtle warning signs. Water that’s just not as hot as it used to be; unusual noises that become louder or more persistent, and loss of water pressure — these changes can signal an impending breakdown…don’t ignore them!


Sump Pumps

Don’t wait to find out if your sump pump is still working this Spring. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to pour a 5 gallon bucket full of water into your sump pump pit and turn it on to make sure it’s still running properly. If it doesn’t come on, call C&C to check it out for you!


Tankless Water Heaters

Are you still heating water with 1930’s technology? Ask Mike how to save money on gas by switching to a tankless water heater.


Outside Plumbing Tips #2

Check for birds’ nests and lint build-up in vent pipes, like the ones from the dryer to the outside.


Outside Plumbing Tips #4

Ask Mike about his recommended root destroyer to stunt the growth of roots in your drain line. This should be poured down your drain twice a year (Spring and Fall).


Pay Attention to Possible Plumbing Issues

Hammering noises, slow drains, water that isn’t as hot as it used to be; these can all signal potential problems that can end up as expensive emergency calls. Contact Mike at C&C Mechanical as soon as you notice something is wrong instead of waiting until it is too late and you have a plumbing emergency.


Slow Draining Sinks

Ever wonder why your sinks are draining slowly? The problem could be an accumulation of sludge in the waste lines. No amount of plunging or chemicals will fix this!

C&C recommends calling a professional, licensed plumber (like Mike) to climb up onto the roof of your house with a drain cleaning machine and “snake” each of the drain lines through the vent stacks to clear the build-up. Ground level drain clean-outs should be “snaked” at the same time.


Septic Tank System Treatment

With all the rain we’ve had over the last several weeks, it’s a good idea to remember to add a septic tank system treatment. The one I use at my house is RID-X®.

RID-X® contains active bacteria and enzymes that assist in breaking down household waste. By adding RID-X® once a month, you restore the delicate balance needed to help keep your system operating efficiently.


Totally Green Scale Prevention

Tired of water spots on your shower, fixtures, and countertops? Tired of spending money on softener salt? We have a solution for that! Call Mike at C&C Mechanical to discuss new, totally green technology that eliminates these problems and is safe for the environment.


Use Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaners don’t contain harsh chemicals that could damage both the environment and your pipes. A good alternative to cleaning your kitchen sink pipes is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.


Slow Draining Waste Lines

Having problems with slow draining waste lines? Or is water backing up into your basement? It could be tree roots. After calling C&C to clean your drains, it is a good idea to pour 2 cups of rock salt mixed with 1 gallon of water down your floor drain once a month before going to bed or before leaving for the day. This may eliminate the need for another service call.


Floor Drains

Check floor drains (Usually found in the basement by your furnace or water heater.) on a regular basis. Water in the trap can evaporate and permit sewer gases to come into the house. Pour a pail of water into the drain periodically in order to make sure of a proper water seal.

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